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Thankful for HOME

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Recently I was showing a hot new listing in Omaha and I overheard a client say to her agent, “Why did you take me here? It’s over my budget, and I love it!” The agent replied saying, “oh come on, it’s not that far out of your budget!” I continued on my home tour and when I was locking up the house, the other agent and his client were standing in the driveway. They were still discussing whether or not she could afford the home – she didn’t think she could – he absolutely believed otherwise. Obviously, I wasn’t privy to the entire conversation, nor did I know any specifics, but the conversation caused me to pause and reflect.

As an agent, I feel it is my job to find my clients THEIR perfect home, and not impose my idea of a perfect home. It’s amazing how that home is so different for everyone. One client MUST have a two-car garage that fits a full size pick up. Another MUST have a home without any history of cats. One NEEDS her monthly payment to be $600 max. One client INSISTED his home not have any wood paneling. Another would NOT ENTER a home with a sump pump.

I spend a lot of time talking with my clients to determine non-negotiables. I help them weigh the pros and cons of what they request, but I will also suggest alternative ideas and solutions. For the clients above, those issues ended up being absolute deal breakers and I knew I needed to do my research and not push them into a home they weren’t comfortable purchasing. More important to me than making a sale is helping clients make their best long-term decision. We want our clients to feel grateful every time they step into their home.

Good agents listen to their clients, understand their needs, help align expectations with the market, and suggest alternatives as needed. At the end of the day, we want you to be grateful for your purchase. We at heartland realty group desire to help you do just that.

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