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6 Signs That You Have Hit The Real Estate Agent Jackpot!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

With over 2400 Real Estate Agents in the Greater Omaha Area there are bound to be some that you will love and some you may want to stay away from... so how do you know when it's a match made in real estate heaven? Here are some signs you hit the Agent Jackpot!

1 - They ask questions and listen to you.

Agents have a wealth of knowledge but it is more important in how they use that knowledge to personalize their communication, process and resources to deliver the best results. Listening is key and the questions they ask and how they listen to your answers can be a great sign that they are going to cater their expertise to achieve results for you. If you feel your agent is asking good questions and really hearing your answers, chances are you have a "jackpot agent".

2 - "Yes, I have a person for that"

Real estate transactions are a team effort. Although agents can provide a lot of insight, no one person can deliver all the expertise that is needed to ensure a successful close. A "jackpot agent" knows that to deliver a seamless and less stressful transaction that you need a network of professionals that can be trusted to support their clients. Lenders, inspectors, contractors, other agents, title companies, and insurance agents are just a few of the other people involved to make a deal happen and there can be many others depending on the type of deal you are doing. Each person has a role and when done right it can make the overall experience a great one. "Yes, I have a person for that" is a great sign that your agent is aware of how important this is and wants a great full service experience for their clients.

“Heartland Realty Group has established partnerships with local businesses that can assist you with any of your home buying and selling needs."

3 - They provide options

This one speaks to the mentality and attitude of your agent. You can usually gage a person on their intentions by their actions and results, and this is no different with an agent. An agent who has the intention of never giving up will provide options. No matter how quick or slow your home sells or how quickly you find the home you want to buy; any deal will have it's obstacles till and even after closing. Even in the toughest of circumstances to sell or help a buyer find a home, a great agent will be optimistic and solution oriented. An agent who can provide more than 1 option is a great sign that your agent is constantly thinking of you and pushing to get you the best results in your real estate transaction.

4 - They respond to you proactively

One of the top qualities most people look for in an agent is that they are "responsive". Most often this is defined this as "they get back to me quickly". Although their ability to get back to you quickly is a great sign, there is an additional sign that you have a high quality agent: it is their ability to be proactive in their responses. A "jackpot agent" has learned from experience to forecast what the next steps, situations or outcomes can be and is delivering this information to you before it happens. To be "ahead of the deal" is a skill that comes from experience and can be a great asset in dealing with the emotional or mental roller coaster that most real estate transactions encounter.

“Heartland Realty Group has a full team of experts, including a transaction coordinator and marketing specialist, to make your home buying and selling process seamless from start to finish."

5 - They know when they need to sacrifice for you

An agent is only as good as the way they take care of themselves. In the current market where timing is crucial and information is just a click away, most clients are accustomed to expecting urgency and immediate communication from their agent. This makes it really easy for most agents to put their client's expectations and needs before their own; but a "jackpot agent" knows how to build in their personal time so they can show up for their clients in the best way. There are many times when a client's needs need to be put above their own and a great agent knows how to adjust quickly and use judgement built from experience to know when they need to make the needed sacrifices to be there for their client. It's an everyday challenge for an agent to schedule their time, so be proud if you have an agent who strives for balance.

6 - They have great reviews

There is no better result than a happy client. Although quantifiable results speak volumes in knowing your agent has the experience and knowledge to deliver for you; "jackpot agents" know that the best resource for growth of their business is the experience their clients have in working with them. The best agents know that good old fashion "word of mouth" is their ticket to beating the competition. There can always be more to a story but if your agent has great reviews, this is a great sign that you have hit the jackpot!

“Click here to see what people have to say about their experiences with us."

Regardless of how many agents you have worked with, chances are you know that an agent is as good as the experience you have with them. Buying or Selling a home is one of the largest transactions most people will make in their lifetime so finding someone you trust and that you enjoy working with makes a huge difference in achieving the results you want with an experience you will want to remember.

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