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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Author's note: Last year, I started sharing Christmas posts from my heart - I thought I would continue with another item of Christmas Festivities that is essential to my celebration.

Growing up, every Christmas we received a package from my Grammy that included Christmas goodies. My Grammy had seven children and a couple dozen grandchildren, so her Christmas packages included numerous stocking stuffers such as little souvenirs from her travels, toothbrushes, and handmade ornaments. Every package, every year, included her Scottish shortbread cookies.

Christmas was not complete without these small, sweet, buttery gems. Made with only three simple ingredients and adorned with Christmas m&ms, these calorie laden marvels were always part of any December not only in our home, but in any of my relatives' home on my Dad's side. Although we rarely celebrated the holiday with our extended family, we were tied together by cookies.

My grandma passed away about 15 years ago. She was a beautiful soul - full of joy, peace, laughter, faith and love. The ideals we long for, sing about, and express this time of year were part of her being - all year long. We miss her dearly.

Speaking of those cookies and my family, my aunt remodeled her home about 10 years ago, and when they moved a heavy piece of furniture, she found a lost box of shortbread cookies with my Grammy's handwriting on it. A perfect preserved reminder of my Grammy. My aunt plans to keep these treasures for as long as they last!

Now in my own kitchen, there is still a feeling of warmth and commonality as I mix the powdered sugar, butter, and flour together and think about how my siblings, cousins, and aunts and uncles are doing the same this season. (Disclaimer - If any relatives read this, any modifications made for allergies are perfectly acceptable - you are still part of this. ;) ). I feel a connection to my heritage, my present family, and the future I'm building as I pass on this simple tradition.

This time of year, Christmas activities are in full swing, and I often feel a sense of overwhelm. So this weekend, I am planning on dusting off my recipe card, getting my ingredients together, and helping my children measure and mix, all while feeling connected to the warmth and simple happiness of extended family.

May you find the time this season to reflect on things that bring comfort, joy, love, laughter and peace in your life. And from my family to yours, Merry Christmas, and may we gift you our Scottish Shortbread Cookie Recipe.

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Membro desconhecido
18 de dez. de 2021

Such beautiful memories. Yes, those cookies are a yearly staple. Traditions don't have to be flashy to be special.

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